Water District Permits

POSGCD allocates 2.00 acre feet of water per acre of land per year pursuant to their current Rules and Regulations.  The necessary Drilling, Production and Transportation Permits have been issued by POSGCD for 70,993 ac-ft/annually from Groundwater Leases in the Porters Branch Groundwater Project.  Such Permits have been allocated, as follows:

20,000 ac-ft/annually:         130 Well Field

50,993 ac-ft/annually:         SAWS/Vista Ridge Well Field

These are the only permits which have been issued by POSGCD for transporting water outside the boundaries of the Water District for Wholesale purposes.

Additionally, this is the only Carrizo-Wilcox Water in Central Texas which has been permitted by a Groundwater District that can be transported and utilized in the S.H. 130/I-35 corridor.

Diagram of Groundwater Leases subject to the Permits. Click here for larger view

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