Landowner Updates

Garney Construction Company completed constructing the initial 53 mile pipeline from the Blue Water Well Field to the Austin Metroplex/Central Texas region on May 23, 2011.  The pump station and well field facilities were completed on July 1st.  Production Well-1, operated by Blue Water,  will be utilized to satisfy initial delivery volumes.  Additional wells will be drilled as additional water is delivered through the pipeline.


The Porters Branch Production Unit currently contains 5,018.1437 acres of land.  Production Well – 1, located in the Porters Chapel Well Field, is producing the water that is being sold in the Manor area of Travis County.  Initially, the Project is allocating approximately 2,500 acres of land per 1 MGD (million gallons per day) of water sales.  Therefore, the acreage included in the Unit will continue to increase as water sales from PW-1 increase and as new wells are drilled and produced into the pipeline.


The following is the anticipated grouping of acreage that will be included into the Porters Branch Production Unit, as additional water sales occur:  

Production Well – 1  

3rd mgd:  2,500 acres being depicted in yellow on the acreage map 

4th mgd:  2,500 acres being depicted in orange on the acreage map


Click here for a map of the acreage included in the Unit.


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